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Dayang Enterprise Sdn Bhd

A wholly owned subsidiary of Dayang and licensed by Petronas, DESB commenced operations in October 1980 and is principally involved in the provision of maintenance services for Topside structures, pipes and valves, electrical and instrumentation, fabrication operations, and hook-up and commissioning services for the oil and gas industry.

- Must possess working knowledge of the codes and standards of engineering materials.
- Previous working experience in handling/storage of materials is essential.
- Shall possess a working knowledge of different classes of piping & structural materials and must be able to work with micro-computer assisted materials inventory/control system.
- Possess working knowledge of materials take-off from structural drawings and piping isometrics.

SUPERVISOR (Rigging/Scaffolding, Structural/Mechanical, Blasting/Painting) 
- At least seven (7) years experience in the offshore construction industry in their respective trades of which 4 years has been spent as a Supervisor.
- Must be a competent person in their respective trade. 

MECHANIC - Offshore
- PMR/SPM with Technical Training on Diesel Engines or Air Compressor (Rotary Screw) & knowledge on electrical is in favoured.
- Preferably with ‘offshore’ working experience as mechanic maintaining on “Altas Copco” or “Ingersoll-Rand Air Compressor”, Miller 500DX or Lincoln 500 AS Welding machine and repairing pneumatic hand tools.
- Ability to read & write in English and interpret Parts catalogue. 

- Minimum qualifications Electrical & Instrument Level 1 or 2 or equivalent as certified licensed electrician from any Technical School.
- Skilled and with knowledge of safe practices of installation of electrical equipment and lighting systems used in the offshore construction industry and atleast 3 years working experience offshore.

- At least five (5) years offshore working experience in the installation, hook-up, calibration, function testing of pneumatic on electronic instrumentation.
- Shall possess trade certificates to City and Guilds final standard or equivalent. 

- Min. 2 to 3 years offshore experiense
- Possess a valid IMM Blasting / Painting certificate
- Knowledge of garnet blasting will be added advantages.

- Skilled & with offshore construction experience
- Trade certificate or equivalent required 

TEAM LEADER (Rigging/Scaffolding, Structural/Mechanical, Blasting/Painting) 
- At least eight (5) years experience in the offshore construction industry in their respective trades of which 2 years has been spent at a Foreman level.
- For Rigging/Scaffolding Team Leader, he must have minimum Part-II Scaffolding Certificate/Course with DOSH certified. 

- Possess a technical certificate/diploma in engineering or equivalent
- 8 years offshore experience of which at least 5 years as a construction superintendent or supervisor over
multi-disciplinary work.

-Min. 3 years experience as a scaffolder & must have scaffolding basic part 1 certificate with DOSH certified

- Shall quality to AWS D1.1 (6GR), API 1104 (6G) & ASME IX (6G) for SMAW & GTAW for all grades of carbon steel & Low Temp carbon steel

For complete refence, please refer HERE

Advertisement Source: http://www.desb.net (Website)


why do i apply there is no any feedback from this company??

Interested applicants please come for walk-in interview and bring along your resume, relevant certificates, testimonials, transcript, and a recent passport sized.

You can view the complete details here by copy this link and paste it to your browser URL:


Thanks and good luck for your job search.

does any IT sector needed because my experience on that

IT Sector at Dayang Enterprise?..not for the moment. Keep in touch for the latest job vacancy. Thanks

Does the vacancy for electrical technician still available???

Yes it is. Refer to the link below:

Still have vacancy for mechanic ??

any vacancy as a room boy in this company??

Still available vacancy for mechanic?(a.s.a.p) reply

Yes. it is still available.

August Cuek: sorry, no room boy position.

I'm just graduate for certificate in electrical and electronic engineering, it's I still can apply for electrician position job? without any experience.(just grad 6 month ago).

I'm just graduate for certificate in Diploma (Mechanical)of Helicopter Maintenance at UNIKL Malaysia Institute Of Aviation Technology Still available vacancy for mechanic?(a.s.a.p) reply
can i pass up my resume using your email? (a.s.a.p) i need the job of aviation at miri

my experience working on mechanical rotating equipment on shore at terengganu about 3 year... i dont know if my background suitable with your
alternative... i just got city and guild certificate on basic plant maintenance and basic engineering skills . if you interesting then i will send my cv at your office...

Any need for legal? I am looking for a job at the moment. Thanks

Any administration vacancy available?

Check out the DEHB official facebook page for more latest update~

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Keep in touch with Miri Vacancy :)

mana nak apply kerja dengan company dayang?..

klau br nak join company oil n gas blum ada pengalaman sebagai rigger blh tak?

is there any vacant post for admin or account assistant here?

is there any position for kitchen helper or anything link to it

pls inform me

Indeed, i am very keen to look for business management job in DESB or DEHB of which currently i am doing my final thesis for executive master in business management (EMBM) . I have more than 10 years oil and gas working experiences particularly coordinating and oversee the logistic operation...for the offshore TMM/Hook-Up/Construction and services for Shell project operation . I was employed by one of the SSB/SSPC main contractor for/as project mentioned above based in labuan . Please do contact me if there're such vacancy available in your well established organisation .

hi iam ashok aged 26
my main experties in in air compressors
i do mechanical and eletrical
i do not have nios (exp)
currently i am a contractor for ir and ac compressors
i only attend job for major problem

i am staying in selangor.
minimum basic 7k
graduated dip mechatronic and few local certificates

contact me if needed

Kalau mgunakan pw2 & pw4 utk aply tecnician elektrikal bole tak..

hai...masih bole apply kerja tak? bole sy hantar cv ke email yg tertera?

Does the vacancy for safety officer still available ?

Does have vacancy for mechanical&pipping drafter ?

i've sent a Resume but no reply, also already fill in the form.
i apply as Rigger or painter blaster
experiance almost 5 yesrs in offshore field.

Is there any vacancy for computer engineering?
Fresh graduated.

.sya nak minta rigger...sya cma ada pglaman jadi steward saja... kalau dpat tolong bri info kpd email sya boyzlannd@gmail.com

Sya nak minta welding pipe...

kalau boleh call kat no.0143915156..nak minta test welding pipe...

any vacancy for quantity surveyor ?

any vacancy for assistant mechanical??

is there any vacancy for Safety & Health Supervisor/Officer?

A good Scaffolding Team Looking For New scaffolding Project ..............if any scaffolding job opening kindly contact to me..

Company dyg ni eksyen je publish walk in interview whole town tp nak kna SPRM ( rasuah) dlu baru ko org nak ambik ekk???saudara kta org siap 5 taun pglaman offshore, dn kengkwan kta siap ada safty course n all d thing la tak de pon kna pangil..manager dyg ni bodoh!ptut ambik tau yg management ko org dlm ofis tu kalu tak de duit nak kasi rasuah dia diaorg tak kasi trun tau!kalau tak rasuah duit dia tak kasi kte kja pon!!shit la company dayang ni!so dyg u should take tis seriously!!

saya ada sijil dari CIDB wilayah selatan bahagian gas pipe insulation ,ade ta yg memerlukan kos dari insulation ?

kalau ada kekosongan untuk gas pipe insulation ,saya minta sangat untuk hubungi nombor ini 0127852648 ,terima kasih , Amirul

ada kerja kosong untuk orang yang belum ada pengalaman dalam offshore? email:dienoliew84@gmail.com

If there any vacancy for cook assistant , 5 year experience in kitchen. This is first time work at offshore , email me at mingtan99@yahoo.com

3 years experience as scaffolder LVL 1...DOSH qualify..0198686549 ty...Anderson

kalaw ada job welder call or masej sy..0177128931...pengalaman 4 thn

have electrical job for me ?i have electrical technician lv1, lv 2 and lv 3.

if there any position for chemist fresh graduate? besides, did your company available for practical student?

hello,,saya Michael Rondy.nak tanya vacancy utk mekanik?pengalaman bekerja mekanik 6thn,memiliki sjl dr MLVK,skm-lvl1-lvl3 dalam automotif.pengalaman bekerja dlm elektrikal 3thn.safety course sudah ada,.BOSET,HUET with EBS,SEA SURVIVAL,BOAT TRANSFER,1st AID &BASIC FIRE FIGHTING.Honestly saya belum pernah bekerja dgn mana-mana company offshore dan saya ingin menimba pengalaman bekerja offshore.sekiranya masih ada kekosongan jawatan ini,please call this no.010-800 6848.tq

HELLO BOS.. My name Jaysofian liew, If any vacancy for piping or welder smaw contact this number 01131533421(jay).. experience 2years working with (SYARIKAT STEELCON SDN BHD)

Msti ko ni perempuan..typical Malaysian..always blame others


I'm Morrison
looking for mechanic vacancy
if you have any available
please call me
014-882 0509

Hello DESB,

I am EX-Sarawak Shell Berhad with 31 years experienced Offshore on the Oil & Gas Platform. My Involvement with the SIMOPS activities also as the Project Liason Supervisor and My Last Job with the company was (WPE) Planner / Scheduler also double headed as PTW Coordinator.

I would like to Joint the company, Please advice what Position is best for me.

Ken Adam
HP 014-5785785

My name Ezra Balan William . I'm a PetronasAdvance Welding Training Program 6GC 6GR candicate , SKM Level 1,2,3 . Looking for vacancy on any job .. Call 0138239660 . Tq

Saya Wilson mempunyai elektrical dan automasi lever2 mempunyai pengalaman 1tahun ingin mengisi kekosongan dalam bidang offshore,sila hubungi saya di nombor 0138077543..terima kasih

please make a feedback to everyone even you are considering. thank you

Is there any vacancy for kitchen helper or other position relevant to kitchen works? If not, can you recommend other companies that provide kitchen workers for offshore platforms?

have electrical job for me ?i have electrical technician lv1, lv 2 and lv 3,seaman book and the OPITO sasic offshore safetyinduction &emergency training and travel safely by boat.
If have any vacancy for me please call me. my handphone number is 0146852045

Salam..sy mohd mikal dari sibu ingin memohon kekosongan jawatan pipe fitter.berpegelaman selama 6 tahun dlm bidang pipe fitter di dockyard dan pernah berkeja dgn company RAKAYASA cotractor selama 2 thn sebagai civil engginering di LNG PETRONAS miri,sarawak..pm hpn no 01139266264

I am graduate Chemical Engineer from Curtin University, Perth WA with solid background knowledge in Materials Science and Engineering. May I know is there a graduate program running at the moment or in the future within the enterprise ?

dear sir...I have applies fr any post in ur cpny last month ..I dnt mind to start frm the lowest post in order to gain experience n am willing to learn new things under leas supervision...I have sent my resume by hand...I came all the way frm kch just fr tht purpose....I hve tken safe course n medical check up fr ur requirement....my name eirfan ereeza bin burhanuddin and my brother elroushan bin burhanuddin....we are ready to go offshore anytime sir....pliz look thru our application....thank you sir....

Sir, I did apply for Safety Officer / Supervisor. Hope a reply to my hp 013-8127418 .tq

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hi, saya din. saya ada rigging and slinging course, dan safety course (OPITO) Asian. ingin meminta kerja offshore. kalau ada sila hubungi saya. terima kasih
tel: 013-3341332

Scaffolder level 1....just graduate...need hp.0138466362 kuching...available to work anytime

Any electrical position sir.i already have a safety cost training. But stil cannot have respon any company that I apply.. if have a vacancy pls give us opportunity to work in your company.. my hp nombr.013-8175998

hello sir, saya entunio merupakan baru sahaja habis dari kolej awisar di mana saya telah mengikut pengajian selama 3 tahun dalam course welder oil and gas.Sekarang ni dalam prose mencari pekerjaan yang berkaitan. Ini no telefon saya yang boleh dihungi sekiranya ada respon 0198785649

ada lagi ke nak cari org..crew sendiri berbulan x turun....susah mcm2 alasan mr ang.ting johanese..corrupt...politik kuat,,,kalau xda jek elbow susah nak turun..cuba tgk trip..org yg sma full trip....bos besar x tengok kuli2 sebab dorang crewing ni main politik bukan saudara bala mana senang nak turun....

Give my regards, to Freddie.

Ben Arino, Neptune, NJ ( USA )

Bos saya ada scaffolder lavel 1@dosh

Pipe fitter and welder still available position ? I have experience working at MLNG bintulu,i have boset,.if still have available position,please inform me..i need a job . Raezrosly@gmail.com

I have two sons . (scaffolders) with level 1 qualification . any vacancies for these two ?
Tel . (0112173580)

Any vacancies for SCAFFOLDER...?

TEL: 0145811679
EMAIL: reefleslyang@yahoo.com.my

masih ada vancies utk rigger2 lagi ke???saya telah bekerja selama 4 thn lbh dalam oil and gas..kalau msh ada please email ke lembora@hotmail.com

Hi, Any Job Vacancy available for QAQC for me to fill up the application, I working with Oil And Gas for 26 Years and experience on Quality for 20 years, please reply on my request,
Thank You.

Ricky Yapp

Saya mencari kerja kosong sebagai welder 6g smaw 3g smaw

Saya mencari kerja kosong sebagai welder 6g smaw 3g smaw

sy mencari tempat utk pratical sebagai Occupational Safety and health. ada tak ambik student utk pratical. ???

Delta Marine Ltd
2.Mounthooly Street,
Lerwick, Shetland,
Scotland. ZE1 0BJ
United Kingdom

Delta Marine Ltd consists of number of companies & ever increasing worldwide offices, we provide tailor made solution to maritime industry as per clients need. Our dedicated staff provides 24/7 services to clients by providing effective manning in order to achieve customer satisfaction.
Delta Marine Ltd policy is to give customers only the best possible services available in the market to meet their requirement criteria and budget. we take satisfaction out of providing first class services to our clients.
Delta Marine Ltd is among the leading crew managers for offshore industry, providing services to Clients & Seafarers from all continents.
We have vacancies for our Sea-Going and Shore Based Vacancies so you are advised to send complete Resume/CV to our Offshore Recruiting Director Mr Denis Payne

Audrey Summers
Personnel Coordinator
Recruiting Department
Delta Marine Ltd